The name Henrik Vibskov is most commonly associated not only with a fashion label, but a multitude of twisted yet tantalising universes created in relation to each collection.

“The Transparent Tongue“, “The Spaghetti Handjob“ and “The Shrink Wrap Spectacular“ are just a few titles of shows Henrik Vibskov has produced lately, each title referring to a different but equally mesmerising world and set of logic. As a fashion designer Henrik Vibskov has produced around 30 mens (and later also women’s) collections since he graduated from Central St. Martins in 2001, and as a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Masculine he is currently the only Scandinavian designer on the official show schedule of the Paris Mens Fashion Week, which he has been since January 2003.

Since the beginning of his career Henrik has frequently been invited to and participated in festivals, contests and talks such as the Hyères Festival in 2003 & 2004, the Expo 2005 in Japan, the Noovo Festival 2007 in Santiago de Compostela, the LungA Art Festival in Iceland in 2009 & 2010, the Notch Festival in Beijing in 2009 and the Gwangju Design Biennale in South Korea in 2011. Throughout his career Henrik’s designs have won him prizes such as the Becks Student Future Prize 2000, New Name of the Year 2003, the Danish Design Council Award 2007, Brand of the Year DANSK Fashion Awards 2008, an award from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2009, the 2011 Söderberg prize, the highest value design prize in the world, as well as the Jury Prize at the Danish Fashion Awards in 2012. Her Majesty The Queen Of Denmark and the academy council from the royal academy of fine arts gave HV The Thorvald Bindesbøll Medal in 2016

Between designing new collections biannually and creating the universes surrounding them, Henrik keeps himself occupied as drummer with his own project Mountain Yorokobu, signed to Fake Diamond Records, and also toured with Trentemøller for 6 years.

Henrik Vibskov has exhibitited at PS1 – MoMA in New York, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, ICA in London, Zeeuws Museum in Holland, Kiyomizu-Dera Temple in Kyoto, Japan, Wilhelm Wagendfeld Haus in Bremen, NAI Nederlands Architectuur Instituut in Rotterdam, Holland, The Textile Museum, Washington, USA , just to name a few. He has also produced several large scale solo exhibitions at museums and galleries, including the Rohsska museum in Gothenburg 2011, his “Neck Plus Ultra” exhibition which was shown at Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Gammel Strand in Copenhagen, and most recently a huge retrospective of his work at Designmuseo Helsinki in Finland. Together with visual artist Andreas Emenius he has created an ongoing art project called ‘The Circular Series’, which they begun to work on in 2009. Like in their earlier collaboration ‘The Fringe Projects’, in this project the circle is used as a clarifier, or visual glue, linking all the projects to the same universe. Henrik has also designed costumes for numerous operas and performances including collaborations with Hotel Pro Forma, the Oslo Opera house and Brussels Opera house.

Artists and musicians like M.I.A., Björk, The Arctic Monkeys, Sigur Ros, Franz Ferdinand, Lou Reed, LCD Soundsystem or Devendra Banhart have been spotted in Henrik Vibskov’s designs. The collections are sold through thoroughly selected shops across the globe and his own Henrik Vibskov stores in Copenhagen and New York.

Henrik Vibskov is currently Professor at DSKD and has frequently given lectures and been a jury member at institutions such as Central Saint Martins in London, the IED in Madrid and the Antwerp Royal Acadamy of Fine Art amongst others.

Henrik has published four books, including a 2012 monograph of his work to date (published by Gestalten).

Henrik Vibskov Resume


• Group exhibition at The 21st Century Museum of contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan, August
• THE GREAT CHAIN OF SLEEPERS SS18 Show, Copenhagen, August
• Solo exhibition in Andersen`s Contemporary Gallery, Copenhagen, June
• The Cologne Thrumber Award, Cologne, Germany, June
• Solo exhibition in Galley Ruttkowski 68, Cologne, Germany, June
• Solo Exhibition in Maisson du Danemark, Paris, June
• Costumes for States Ballet Replay in Stamsund, Norway, June
• Costumes for “Rooms” the royal Norwegian ballet, Norway, June
• “Fashion after fashion” Group Exhibition Museum of Art and design, MAD New York, May
• Music-Movie Harmonic Mouth for Hess is more and Exhibition movie Harmonic Mouth, May
• Costumes for Partifal by Wagner Replay in Poznan Poland, April
• Costumes for COW Ballet Replay in Dresden, Germany, April
• Exhibition design and curating of Mindcraft17, Danish Pavilion at Salone del Mobile Milan, April
• Costumes for Swanlake Ballet, Replay in Paris, March
• Costumes for Madame Butterfly Opera in Bruxelles, February
• THE FIVE O´CLOCK LEG ALIGNMENT AW17 Show in Paris, February
• THE FIVE O´CLOCK LEG ALIGNMENT AW17 Show in Copenhagen, January


• Solo exhibition in Ruttskowski 68, Cologne, December
• Art Barsel Miami, Artist talk and a shop opening at Faena District Miami Beach, December
• Costumes for memory rings by Phantom Limb Company, New York, November
• Gruppe Exhibition at Borås Textile Museum, Sweden, October
• Mindcraft group Exhibition at Danish Design museum, Copenhagen, October
• Costumes for States Ballet at The Seirischer Herbst Festival, Austria, September
• THE KITCHEN OF THE NON EXISTENT SS16 Show, Prague , September
• Interior design and outdoors decoration for Restaurant Musling Copenhagen, August
• THE KITCHEN OF THE NON EXISTENT SS16 Show, Copenhagen, August
• Awarded with The Royal Thorval Bindesbøll medal, Copenhagen, August
• Doing one week workshop in Domaine Boisbuchet, France, June
• The kitchen of the non existent SS16 Show, Paris, June
• Costumes for Replay Swanlake, Oslo, May
• Solo Exhibition TEMPO at Stockholm Stadsteater, Stockholm, May
• Exhibition at Art Cologne represented by Gallery Ruttkowski68, April
• Mindcraft group Exhibition, Milan, April
• THE JAW NUTS PIECE AW16 Show Prague, March
• THE JAW NUTS PIECE AW16 Show Helsinki, March
• Costumes for C:O:W Ballet, Dresden, Germany, March
• Costumes for replay of Kosmos by Hotel Pro Forma, Upsalla, Sweden, March
• THE JAW NUTS PIECE AW16 Show Copenhagen, February
• THE JAW NUTS PIECE AW16 Show Paris, January
• Textile installation for Alcantara Exhibition at IMM, Cologne, Januray


• Lecture talk together with Thomas FOSS at Louisiana Museum of modern art Denmark, November
• Extra Play of Medula by Bjørk, Costumes and setdesign, at La Monnaie, Brussels, November
• Jurymember for a Nordic symposion in Kristianasand, Norway, October
• Vibskov/Emenius Costumes from The Cirkuler Series is shown at Liljevalchs Museum, Stockholm, September
• Group Exhibition Mindcraft at Danish Museum, Copenhagen, September
• THE HOT SPRAY ESCAPE SS16, Copenhagen Show, August
• Solo exhibition at Daelim Museum, Seoul, South Korea, July
• THE HOT SPRAY ESCAPE SS16, Paris Show, June
• Costumes for Memory Rings, Nashville, June
• Group exhibition at Mindcraft, Milan, Italy, April
• Group exhibition at Brandts, Odense, Denmark, March
• Vibskov/Eminius´s The Fringe Project film and performance is shown in Designhub Museum, Melbourne, March
• Group exhibition at Saint Etienne Bianale, France, March
• Costumes for Peer Du Lyver Riksteatret, Norway, February
• Costumes and Set Design, Medulla by Björk, Lamonnaie, Belgium, February
• Costumes for Kosmos + Hotel Pro Forma, Copenhagen, February
• MESSY MASSAGE CLASS AW16, Copenhagen Show, January
• MESSY MASSAGE CLASS AW16, Paris Show, January


• Talk at Stockholm Dramalabbet, November
• Group exhibition at Knitting Nottingham, UK, November
• Talk at Danish National School of Performing Arts, September
• Group exhibition at Clash Heart Museum, Denmark, September
• Talk for Danish Design Association, August
• THE STICKY BRICK FINGERS SS15, Copenhagen show, August
• Solo exhibition at Ruttkowski 68, Cologne, June
• Costumes for Laughter in the Dark / Hotel Pro Forma, May
• Costumes for the Swanlake, Oslo, April
• Talk at Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa, February
• THE SPAGHETTI HANDJOB AW14, Copenhagen show, January
• Solo exhibition at Designmuseo, Helsinki, Finland January
• Costumes for Riverside byt the Danish Dance Theatre, January
• THE SPAGHETTI HANDJOB AW14, Paris show, January


- Talk for Kaos Pilots, Denmark, November
- Parsifal Poland: Costumes for Hotel Pro Forma play, Poland, October
- Kolding City: 5 outdoor installations in the city of Kolding, Denmark, August
- "The Bathtub Observer" SS14 show Paris and Copenhagen, June/August
- Set design for Trentemøller world tour by Vibskov & Emenius, June
- Jurymember at The University of Applied Arts, Vienna, June
- Exhibition at Trapholt Museum, Denmark, June
- "Neck Plus Ultra" solo exhibition at Kunsthal Gl. Strand, Copenhagen, May
- 3 textile concerts with ENSEMBLE MIDTVEST, HEART Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark, April
- Exhibition and performance at the Kennedy Center Of Performing Arts, Washington DC, March
- Lecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark, March
- "Neck Plus Ultra" solo exhibition at Galerie des Galeries, Paris, February
- Group Exhibition "Couturegraphique" MOTI Breda, Holland, February
- Vibskov & Emenius Circular Series 1 shown at ARRRGH! exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, February
- "The Stiff Neck Chamber" AW13 Show Paris & Copenhagen, January


- Release of 2 Mountain Yorokobu albums on Fake Diamond Records, December
- Talk at Hong Kong Design Institute, December
- "The Eat" installation shown at Nordic Design Today, Vandalorum, Värnamo, Sweden, December
- Vibskov & Emenius Circular Series 2 shown at Grand-Hornu Image, Belgium, November.
- Part of the exhibition mörk kostym at RöHSSKA MUSEUM GOTHENBURG, October.
- The Blowhole Observatory - Installation at Film Plus Design Eindhoven, October.
- Workshop pact 12, Essen, October.
- Blickfang Hamburg, October.
- Hotel Pro Forma, Hungary, October.
- Basic Instincts Shenzen China, September.
- HV curates Asger Jorn's collection, Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, September.
- Vibskov & Emenius Cirkular Series 1-4 - Stockholm. August.
- “The Transparent Tongue” SS13 – Copenhagen, August.
- The Eat installation showcased at Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki, July
- Pop Up Store, Roskilde Festival - Roskilde, July
- Part of "New Nordic" exhibition at Lousiana Museum, Copenhagen, June
- “The Transparent Tongue” SS13 – Paris, June.
- Morando Palace Milan - June
- Hotel Pro Forma Costume design for "War Sum Up" - Riga, June
- Mindcraft Brullexs - June
- Scenography design of 7 landscapes - Arnhem, June
- Performance for Medwinds Mallorka - Mallorka, May
- Mountain Yorokobu Music Project - Copenhagen, May
- Hotel Pro Forma Costume design for "War Sum Up" - Brighton, May
- Talk at the xxx - Helsinki, May
- Talk at the Istituto Europeo Di Design - Madrid, May
- The Henrik Vibskov book release launch! – Berlin, April.
- Lecture and talk at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas – Lima, November.
- Lecture and talk at Central Saint Martin – London, April.
- “MINDCRAFT 12” groupexhibition by Danish craft – Milano, April.
- Henrik Vibskov solo exhibition at Gallery Ruttkowski 68 – Cologne, April.
- Vibskov & Emenius The Circular Series, Section 2 – Stockholm, February.
- “The Shrink Wrap Spectacular” AW12 – Copenhagen, February.
- “The Shrink Wrap Spectacular” AW12 – Paris, January.


- Talk at the Louisiana Museum – Copenhagen, December.
- “Drumming Friday” – Charlottenborg, December.
- Talk at the Norwegian Fashion Institute – Oslo, November.
- Exhibition at the Röhsska Museum – Göteborg, November.
- Opening of 100 Days Amsterdam, retail concept – Berlin, November.
- Lecture and talk at ADA – Göteborg, November.
- Hotel Pro Forma Costumes “War Sum Up” – Riga, October.
- Hotel Pro Forma Costumes “War Sum Up” – Odense, October.
- Hotel Pro Forma Costumes “War Sum Up” – Riga, October.
- “The Curious Sonic Tank”, performance – Seattle, October.
- Hotel Pro Forma Costumes “War Sum Up” – Oslo, September.
- Vibskov & Emenius Section 6, two limited edition screen prints – September.
- Hotel Pro Forma Costumes “War Sum Up” – Riga, September.
- Vibskov & Emenius at Gwangju Design Biennale – Gwangju, September.
- “Panopticon and On” SS12 – Copenhagen, August.
- “Basic Instincts” – Berlin, June.
- “Panopticon and On” SS12 – Paris, June.
- Henrik Vibskov wins the Torsten and Wanja Soderberg Award 2011 and shows his work at a solo exhibition at the Rohsska Museum in Gothenburg. November.
- Hotel Pro Forma: ”War Sum Up” - Henrik creates costumes for the Latvian National Opera, Riga. September.
- Vibskov&Emenius exhibit at The 4th Gwangju Design Biennale, South Korea. September.
- ”Panopticon And On” show, SS12. Shows in Paris and Copenhagen. June/August.
- ”Basic Instincts” - Henrik creates the scenography for a multidi- scipinery group exhibition, Berlin. June.
- Vibskov&Emenius exhibit at the New Benaki Museum, Athens. May
- New York City Henrik Vibskov Boutique opens. April.
- “The Eat” show, AW11. Shows in Paris and Copenhagen.


- Shades Down In Tokyo Town - group exhibition, Tokyo. November.
- An Astral Trip - Exhibition at Notch Festival, Guangzhou, China. October.
- Trentemøller European Tour, performance & set design. October.
- “The Last Pier Pandemonium” show, SS11. Shows in Paris, Copenhagen and Milan.
- Vibskov & Emenius Fringe Project 10, Brazil. September.
- Vibskov & Emenius The Circluar Series Section 4 - exhibition and performance, Washington Dc. July.
- LungA Art Festival in Iceland - workshop. July.
- Vibskov & Emenius Fringe Project 10, Shanghai. June.
- V Man Show, New York. May.
- “Space for Fantasy”, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann -
group exhibition. March.
- Nerderlands Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam (NAI) -
“Bodybuilding” installation and performance. March.
- “The Panda People and Other Works” -
Book relaease and lecture, Pool Gallery, Berlin. March
- “The Slippery Spiral Situation” show, AW10, Copenhagen, February
- Graphic Works Berlin - Solo exhibition of graphic
works at Pool Gallery, Berlin. February.
- Vibskov & Emenius Circular Series Section 2 -
Exhibition at Wilhelm Wagendfeld Haus, Bremen. January.
- “The Slippery Spiral Situation” show, AW10, Paris. January.


- Circus Hein - Costumes for Jeppe Hein’s remake of “Circus Calder”, Seche, France. December.
- Vibskov & Emenius Japan - Fringe project 10, Kyoto. December.
- Graphic Works - Solo exhibition of graphic works at Kunsthal Brænderiga?rden, Viborg, Denmark. November.
- Notch 09 Festival Beijing China - show and installation. November.
- Paperball Exhibition - contribution to the Museum of Art and Design, New York. October.
- Scenography for Danish musician Mikael Simpson at Norrebro Theatre. October.
- The Magnetic Mind Field - Installation and performance at Kunstindustrimuseet, Copenhagen. October.
- Vibskov & Emenius The Circular Series Section 1 - costume design for music video of the band “Mew”. September.
- “Its A Small World” - Contribution to exhibition at the Danish Design Center, Copenhagen. August.
- “Sylfiden” - Costume design for the play in A?rhus, Denmark. August.
- Award from the Danish Arts Council for “The Solar Donkey Experiment” show.
- “The Solar Donkey Experiment” show, SS10. Shows in Paris and Copenhagen. June/August.
- Set design for Trentemøller concert on Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival. July .
- Judge of graduating collections at Antwerp Royal Academy Of Fine Arts. June.
- Judge of graduating collections at The Central Saint Martins College Of Art And Design. June.
- Fabric for Thought - Exhibition at Koldingshus Museum, Denmark. May.
- Workshop REDYELLOWWHITE - three workshops in three days, three countries and three different colors. May.
- Hyeres Festival - Video of Fringe Project 8 shown. April.
- Exhibition Fringe Project 1-10 at Zeeuws Musem in Middleburg,
Holland. February 27.
- Release of book ”The Fringe Projects 1-10”. Published by JapSam
- Exhibition The Visit at MU Gallery in Eindhoven, Holland. January
9 – February 28.
- ”The Human Laundry Service” show AW09. Shows in Paris and
Copenhagen. February.
- Performance Vibskov/Emenius Fringe Project #4 at Gallery
Nieuwe Ontwerpers 6. in Rotterdam, Holland. January.


- Exhibition VVV EEE Fringe Projects Research Department at Senko Studio. November.
- Exhibition Vibskov/Eminius Fringe Project #5 at Illustrative in Zurich, Switzerland. October.
- Exhibition The Ideal Man at Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag July.
- Vibskov/Eminius Fringe Project #8 Launch on www.showstudio.com. August.
- Release of Vibskov/Emenius Fringe Project #2 beer, made in collaboration with the Danish micro-brewery Mikkeller. April.
- Exhibition collaboration with Elmgreen & Dragset at Perrotin in Paris. March.
- Exhibition Vibskov/Emenius, Fringe Project #7 for The Grand Danois at Milan Design Week. April.
- Henrik Vibskov receives the Dansk Fashion Award in the category ”Best Brand”. April.
- Opening of Henrik Vibskov Boutique in Oslo. August.
- ”The Tent City” show SS09. Shown in Paris, Copenhagen, Seoul and Mexico. June - November.
- Henrik Vibskov tours Europe with electronic musician
Trentemøller, April.
- Workshop at The Istituto Europeo Di Design in Madrid.
- ”The Mint Institute” show AW08. Shows in Paris, Copenhagen and St. Andrews, Scotland.


- Exhibition ”A Danish Dowry” at DDC in Copenhagen. November. - Solo exhibition in Cuxhaven, Germany. September.
- Works presented at Biennalen for Kunstha?ndværk og Design
2007 Trapholt and Koldinghus in Kolding. May.
- Exhibition ”LAND OF BLACK CARROTS” at DDC in Copenhagen.
- Exhibition for the Arnhem Biennale in Armhem, Holland.
June.- Exhibition Emergency Room at PS 1 MoMA in New York.
- The Danish Design Counsil gives Henrik Vibskov design award
sponsored by Grundfos.
Shows in Paris, Copenhagen and Nuuovo Festival, Santiago de
Compestella, Spain.
- ”LAND OF BLACK CARROTS” Collection show AW07. Shows in
Paris, Copenhagen. January/February.


- Exhibition ”The Cyklys Snake” at The Danish Embassy in Paris, December.
- Exhibition ”The Candles” at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, November.
- Exhibition USE IT at DDC in Copenhagen and Megaron In Athens. July.
- Exhibition Unik at Gewerbemuseum in Wintherthur, Switzerland. June.
- Opening of the HV store in Copenhagen. October.
- Costumes for theater play Sylfien, Aveny T Theater in
Copenhagen. October.
- ”The Big Wet Shiny Boobies” Collection show SS07. Shows in
Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, St. Andrews in Scotalnd and at the at
the Mid-E Festival in San Sebastian, Spain.
- The Big Wet Shiny Boobies Collection SS07 show in Paris. July. - The ”Cyklus” Collection show AW06. Shows in Paris, Berlin,
Copenhagen, and St. Andrews, Scotland. January/Febraury.
- Participated in exhibition ”USE IT” in Hong Kong and Tokyo. November.
- Exhibition ”Breve” at Mads Nørgaard Store in Copenhagen. September.
- Exhibition ”Madsen” in Malmo? and Stockholm, Sweden. June.
- Exhibition at Felleshus der Nordischen Botschafte in Berlin,
The Airplanes project. January.
- Exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, ”The Dogs”. December.
- ”The Mirror” SS06 Collection. Shows Paris and Copenhagen.
- ”Don’t Walk” charity show at St Andrews College in Scotland
April. The Blinded by Firework Collection.
- The ”Toti” AW05 Collection show in Copenhagen. February.


- Exhibition at Factory in Tokyo. Mixture of Vibskov classics.
- Exhibition Airplane project at DDC (Danish Design Center). June.
- Exhibition at Nieves Studio in Zurich, Switzerland. May.
- Exhibition at the Hyeres Festival. April.
- Exhibition and showroom at Gallery Birthe Laursen in Paris,
- Exhibition at Kunstraum in Berlin, Germany, January.
- The ”Blinded by Firework” SS05 collection. Shows in Paris and
- The ”Dancing Frogs” AW04 Collection. Shows in Paris and


- Exhibition at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. November.
- Show and exhibition at V1 gallery in Copenhagen. August.
- Exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in Paris during the Men’s Fashion
Week. June.
- 3 shows and an exhibition at the Hye?res Festival, France.
- Exhibition at V1 gallery, Copenhagen. April.
- ”Don’t Walk” charity Show for breast cancer care, at St. Andrews
College, Scotland, March.
- Awarded. Name of the year in Danish fashion. Tivoli’s Concert
hall in Copenhagen October. Taken off from the stage after criticizing the Danish minister of culture.


- Exhibition at Hamburg Gallery, Germany. November 18.
- ”The Pigs Collection” shows in Tokyo and Hamburg.
- ”Back on My Feet” Collection. Shows in Paris. October.
- ”The Eye” collection. Shows in London, Paris, Copenhagen and
at St. Andrews College in Scotland.
- The Royal Danish Art Foundation Staten’s Kunstfond grants
Henrik Vibskov a two year starting scholarship from January 2002.


- “The Future Map” exhibition at Millbank Gallery, London. The Pigs Collection. November.
- ”The Egg” shows in London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, New York and Newcastle.
- ”The Pigs” Collection, show in Copenhagen.
- The Danish National Television DR, Broadcasts a documentary
about The Pigs Collection and Henrik Vibskov, August 23,
26 and 28.
- Selected for the press show at Central Saint Martins, London,
UK, June 7.
- Short listed for Beck’s Future Prize 2001 for the film The Egg.


- ”The Monk” shows in London, Manchester, Madrid, Glasgow. - Received Beck’s Student Future Prize 2000 Overall winner
1. prize for the Film the Monk.
- Brighton Independent film Festival The Monk version 2,
The Lab Cinematique, Brighton, UK.


- Student at Central Saint Martins College of art and design – menswear.


- ”The Monk” Collection show in Copenhagen and Aarhus.


- Working For the Danish Pre?t a? Porter fashion company Bruuns Bazaar Copenhagen – Paris with installations, images, videos and set design.


- Exhibition at Peder Sabro Seminaruim, Aarhus, Denmark. - The Paki Huju collection show in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

1995 –1997

- Student at Hillevi Van Deurs Design School in Copenhagen, Denmark.


- 1. Prize in a Breakdance - Electric boogie Competition


- Born in the Country Side of Jutland, Denmark

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